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Teltonika Router and antenna


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Good morning all,


As previously discussed we are pretty much dissatisfied with our OEM VW LESSWIRE router, so I am thinking of installing a Teltonika router possibly the RUTX 14. Has any member had one installed in place of the original VW router.


if so did you encounter any issues? Is the existing VW wiring compatible,  did you fit the antenna internally or externally on the roof. Dose it use any more power than the original.  



There is a new one being launched around October/November 22 which will now cover 5G.


Any feedback would be very welcome.


Kind regards,



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Hi Will,

I dont know either the LESSWIRE nor the Teltonika.

But I´m very interested in that, because my wife is thinking about working remotely out of our GC.

So i have to install a bit of infrastructure for her.

please let me know in case you have more information.

thanks a lot

kind regards


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Hi Guenter,


this has been covered on the forum quite a lot with regards to the VW LESSWIRE LTE router, they are very sub standard and would not recommend them at all, however I believe the wireing is pre installed under the seat whether the router option has been chosen thus giving you what you need to install your own option. 
That’s why I’m looking to change to the Teltonika router which on paper is far superior. However I might have to have a roof mounted antenna. 

I will be travelling around Spain for 8 weeks and will change to the Teltonika say in January ready for summer 2023. 

kind regards,



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You do not have the required permissions to view the quote content in this post.

that´s neccessary because of 5G?

kind regards


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You do not have the required permissions to view the quote content in this post.

Thanks Gunter,

The new one has been launched. 

kind regards,



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In various posts it was mentioned that the "... cables for the Lesswire router are pre-wired ...".


I believe I have found the power cable under the driver's seat, but what is the story about the antenna cable? Is the antenna (just over the sliding door) also pre-installed? And if this is the case (which would be brilliant) what kind of connectors does it have?




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...we're using rut955 and rutx13 in our racecars for telemetey and application usecases. the original lesswire / vw power supply plug will not fit 1:1. 

it's neccessary to build your own power supply connector based on the existing wiring loom. which is quite easy. 


same for the existing weak vw antenna. you could use a fakra-d > sm converter or use a external antenna with the right sm connectors on the roof of your car. which is the best option for maximum reception. 

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