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How to mount flexible SOLARA POWER M-SERIES directly to the california roof

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I know that there is a lot of info about solar panels. But I can not find info, (my poor german and google) how to mount and route cable through the roof on VW T6 California Beach. Can you share your knowledge, pictures.




All I need is advice how to mount this panel, and mainly where and how to drill hole through the roof.

When cable is routed to the left rear pillar than all is easy


For glueing is sikaflex 252 best option ? How to glue, only at the edges or also in the middle of the panel? I am little worried about strength. Winter, Summer, Ice, Vibrations .... And driving high speed

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And what about cons and pros for directly glue panel to the roof vs removable mount on the T rails ?



I have this:

Victron BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 charger

Solara S560M43 Marine, 140Wp panel (mounting instructions in .pdf)




This is how I want the panel to be mounted:



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SOLARA_M-Serie_und Power-M-Serie_Montageanleitung_EN_06_01_2016.pdf

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look in the Searchfunction on the right Site up under "Flexible Solarmodule" or "Flexible Solarpaneele". Do you have a Translationprogram "German/English"?

Please excuse my FiftyYearOld little Scoolenglish!

Wishes! C.

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